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Apple Season 2021

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to dedicate this week’s blog to our lovely apple orchard given that the apple season is officially over this year. There are approximately 400 apple trees in our orchard, all cider apples from a variety called Dabinett.

Despite the trees producing wonderful crops every year, we haven’t made the most of the orchard so far. This is the very first year when we decided to make some apple cider and also some apple cider vinegar in a small batch. It was certainly much more fun to make the juice than expected, so we are planning on a bigger ‘apple picking party’ next year.

Rich is also keen to make some ACV this year (although I doubt we will give Willy’s ACV up anytime soon). ACV is made out of gone-off apple cider so we haven’t quite decided how much of our 25 litres of apple juice will turn into vinegar. We will certainly keep you posted on the cider production next year.

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